The Game of Baseball

Baseball is a fascinating sport that has lots of fans all around the world. Despite soccer being one of the most exciting sports on the planet, baseball is just another cool sport even though it pales compared to soccer. Baseball has got great teams too, just like soccer teams, a typical baseball tournament should see a high turn-up of passionate fans raising the sport banners of their favorite team as a sign of support. The New York Yankees are among the highly ranked baseball teams; they’ve got a great squad, great fans, and even a fascinating baseball banner design that intimidates their opponents. I know a lot of you are very much familiar with the sports, while some of you are not, but it’s okay if you’re not familiar with the game of baseball, we can help you.

The History of the Sport

Now let’s take a sneak peek into how this sport began. Taking you back to the 1700s, the great sport of baseball began in the United States of America. Baseball was brought to existence by Abner Doubleday. It was a major sport that brought the people of North America and South America together. Even though the sports originated in the United States, it still had its major break in Eastern Asia, mostly by Japan. In essence, baseball was the treasure of the past, because back in time, the major sports played in the United States was baseball.

The most popular sport banner ideas then were all baseball banner. It was also the most televised sport on TV. However, looking past the 18th and 19th century’s evolution began to take place. Coming back to present-day America, baseball has been rivaled by football. If you want to see how popular football is in the United States, just wait for the Super Bowl season.

A Brief Summary of the Game

Just like soccer and most of the other sports, baseball is played with two teams in contention. Now in the individual teams involved includes a batter and a pitcher. The pitcher has the ball while the batter has the bat. Here’s how it goes, the player with the ball throws the ball at the player with the bat, then the player with the bat has to hit the ball, but that’s not all. After hitting the ball, the player who hits the ball has got to race around a circle ultimately. As he runs around the circle, there are three points he needs to beat on the ground; those points are known as the bases. Beating those three points should see the player arrive where he began the race, known as the home plate. The player, upon reaching the home plates, gets a maximum point. Simple right? However, you should also know; it’s not going to be a free run. The player who hits the ball only gets maximum points if he doesn’t get caught by players of the other team while running towards the home plate. Now that’s what I call a challenge.

How the Game of Baseball Is Played

Like I said earlier, a baseball game involves two teams consisting of 9 players each. The game is controlled by four umpires that make different decisions when the game is ongoing. It’s their job to make various calls, especially when players disobey the rules. The game is an inning type of game, and the standard baseball innings are 9. In every inning, both teams have a turn each with the bat. They also go for runs that will give them additional points.

The central aspect of this game is the contention between the batter and the pitcher. The pitcher directs his throw towards the home plate, and these throws are usually close for the batter. If the pitcher can pitch the ball into the strike zone, which is an area beyond the home plate where the batter is standing, the pitcher has got a strike. It is why the batter needs to hit the ball. As long a batter misses a pitch, it’s going to be a strike for the pitcher. So it’s essential to have a good batter with a good aim for your team.

The Catcher

The team with the pitcher has a catcher. The job of the catcher is to stay behind the batter and try to catch any ball that the batter misses. Via means of signal, the catcher can instruct the pitcher the ideal area to throw the ball. If the tip is not okay with the pitcher, he can signal back to the catcher with a head shake indicating a no or a nod for a yes.

Base Runner

The job of the batting team is to get runs, which is why once a player bat, he becomes the base runner; he’s job is to touch every base accordingly and finally get to the home plate without any interference from opposing players.


It is a quick rundown on the simple basics behind baseball and a short description of the sport. We need to know how different sports work, especially baseball. It’s an exciting sport, and after learning a thing or two from this article, you’ll be more interested in visiting a baseball game in your vicinity.