Distance: Sprint – 750 Meters.  Olympic – 1500 Meters (2 loops of the sprint course). 

The swim will consist of a clockwise bouy race.  Please leave all bouys to your right and respect the other swimmers.
There will be support boats and kayaks around to help guide and support you.  If you feel the need to rest, please do so on one of the kayaks, but they cannot provide forward progress in the race.
Participants will encounter an aid station with drinks and food between the swim exit and the transition area.
There is a short run from the swim exit to the transition entrance.  Shoes are not necessary.
Distance:  Sprint – 20Km or 12.4 Miles (2 loops).  Olympic –  40Km or 24.8 Miles (4 loops).  

The cycling portion of the race will take place on the “Albany Loop”.  2 loops will be required for the Sprint race and 4 loops for the Olympic distance.  The race will proceed clockwise around the loop.
Please make sure you stay on the left side of the road.
The roads, while paved, are not perfect, so beware of potholes and rough areas.
Distance:  Sprint – 5Km or 3.1 Miles.  Olympic – 10Km or 6.2 Miles (2 loops).
The run is an out and back trail run on compacted gravel.
There will be 2 aid stations along the running route.  Please run on the left and try to pass quickly as the path can be narrow in places.
Swim:  100m
Bike:  5Km
Run:  1Km
The Kids Triathlon is a shortened route on the same course as the adult event.  The same rules apply to the kids’ event.  No parental assistance is allowed in the transition area.