Team sport banners Idea

The use of banners dates back to the early romans who would paint their coat of arm on a piece of cotton or silk clothing and then they would hang them at specific locations in their cities as a means of marking their territory and creating boundaries between them and other cities. Warriors would carry the banner of a particular house or nation into battle as a means of identifying their men. Banners were also used in the UK as far back as 750AD for social and political reasons. Over the years, banners have been used for numerous purposes which includes their use for religious reasons, they are used in business as a means of creating awareness about a particular brand of product or services, they are also used in sport by fans, the club’s management and the sport men themselves. Generally speaking, banners are used as a means of advertisement and getting specific messages across.

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Nowadays, sporting banners are a common sight in the field of many sporting activities, the use of sporting banners stretch through varieties of sports and games, they are used in sports like softball, cricket, rugby, baseball banners… etc. The commonly used sport banners are pieces of clothing, usually flag like, they bears the symbol,sign, logo,insignia, trademarks or any message relating to the sporting club or convey the mission or purpose of that particular side. Some sport banners may contain the photos of the team, the photo of a notable player in the team, the photo of a coach or any other person that is essential or has been essential in the development of that sporting team. Some banners are like national flags in their simplicity and consistency, they mainly carry the logo or the slogan of the team and they could be used for different activities and different games, other banners are used to convey a more specific message, for example when playing a particular opponent, banners could carry messages directed to their fans or their players.

Over the years, sports and sporting activities have become a source of happiness and excitement for a lot of people around the world, supporting a sporting team gives someone something to identify with, it could give a sense of belonging with other fans of the same team due to the mutual likeness that they share for that particular side. Lots of actions and activities are often carried out by supporters of a sporting team, one of this activities is the use of sporting banners. A team sport banners are a means of cheering ones favourite team, to boost the team spirit, to increase recognition and hence try to help the team succeed in that particular competition. Due to their potabilitiy, banners can be easily carried as a means of announcing the presence of a team most especially in an away game. Apart from using a team’s sport banner to improve the team’s image and rekindle the spirit of the players, these banners also serve as a means of creating additional source of income and revenue for the team. Different versions of these banners could be made and sold at various size and prices to fans and supporters of the team who would in turn display them at their sporting events.

Sport banners could also serve as a means of attracting sponsorship, this would in turn create an extra stream of income and revenue for the team. Since small and medium size businesses are always looking for opportunities to advertise their products and services, depending on the sponsorship packages and agreements, creating spaces for advertisements on the banners can be mutually beneficial.